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About CBI Project

CBI Project
CBI Interactive Whiteboard Project - DEC, ICS, CESI

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The Interactive Whiteboard (CBI) Project - ICS, CESI and DEC

This project aimed to suppport schools who are thinking of purchasing an Interactive Whiteboard(s) or who have recently made such purchase(s). Specifically, the project's aim was to investigate the effectiveness or otherwise of using Interactive Whiteboards in the classroom.

The objectives of the project were:

  • to investigate the impact on whole-class teaching
  • to investigate the impact on learning
  • to see if new teaching/learning strategies are developed
  • to create a database of teaching/learning resources
  • to create new curriculum-based resources
  • to publish and disseminate research outcomes

Timescale of the Project: The project ran over the 2004-2005, 2005-2006, 2006-2007 academic years (an initial finding is that 'change' needs at least 18 months to embed). The schools conducted their own research, as well as engaging with the body of research that is being developed. Each school has been provided with an Interactive Whiteboard and a Data Projector (all fully installed). The schools embarked on the creative process of using the technology to support teaching and learning.

The Project extended in 2007-2008 with the beginnings of an investigation of support for CBIs in Learning Support classrooms. However, the Project support ended in Summer 2008 with the withdrawal of funding by the Department of Education and Science for the ICT Advisory Service.

The project was managed by myself, David Kearney. I worked as ICT Advisor with Drumcondra Education Centre (http://www.ecdrumcondra.ie) where I provided support and advice covering a range of ICT matters in schools in North Dublin (Ireland). Outside of work hours, I worked with a voluntary association of teachers who use and promote ICT in the classroom; it was through this Computer Education Society of Ireland (http://www.cesi.ie) that I met and found support for this project from the Irish Computer Society (http://www.ics.ie), without whose backing and financial support this project could not have started.

Project Background: Having read about CBIs, and then having seen them at a number of visits to the annual BETT show in London, I made a presentation at the CESI Annual Conference in April 2004. Further, at a May 2004 symposium "New Futures for Learning", www.newfuturesforlearning.ie Charles Clarke (at the time, Minister of State for the Department for Education and Skills in the U.K.) spoke with enthusiasm about the impact this technolgy was already having in the UK, and the degree to which the project was funded. The seed was sown! Irish schools are themselves investing large amounts of funding in CBIs, and it was important that the schools have access to impartial advice.

Since September 2008, I have attempted to continue the work in a voluntary capacity: the main focus of the work now is to encourage teachers to create and share CBI resources

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