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Purchasing IWBs

CBI Interactive Whiteboard Project - DEC, ICS, CESI

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Which is the best whiteboard system?

I do not have the answer that perhaps you want to this question.

In my experience, motivated and supported teachers can do wonderful things with any of the board sytems. All of the boards have their own strengths and limitations. Teachers have to take the time to get to know their particular system, and to use it to its advantage - just like teachers already do with textbooks. The most important question to ask is "how can the teacher most effectively teach with the particular whiteboard brand" ..the emphasis should be on the teacher, the students and the pedagogy, rather than on the board. As Paddy Bates always said "Pedagogy leads, technology follows"

Teachers who are looking to author their own content should look closely at the software element of the whiteboard systems. There are other teachers who are not interested in authoring, but are happy to use existing third-party interactive software and/or websites: for this latter, you will find solutions at the cheaper end of the market. Please note that in both cases, the teacher can build engaging lessons ('cheaper' is not being used in any pejorative sense). For some, a computer with remote mouse and/or keyboard - coupled with the essential Projector - can be sufficient financial investment. Again, such investment must be matched with teacher input. Having said all the above, I still come back to the Computer/Projector/Whiteboard suggestion for classrooms - the evidence exist that in the right hands these are are a formidable combination.

In the UK, whiteboards (hardware, software and Projectors) must comply with certain minimum standards: (link was http://stagebecta.ngfl.gov.uk/leas/display.cfm?section=14_5_3_2). Boards which meet this standard can carry an official Becta-approved logo. There is no such minimum standard in Ireland, although we would be wise to observe these (former) Becta standards!

What can I buy, based on my budget?

Purchase based on Budget (this is a guide only: please look at the quality of the Board, of the Software and of the Support and Training as well as thinking in terms of the potential use of the Board in the Classroom; the last thing a school needs is an expensive wall-hanging!)

All systems require you to use your own Computer (or Laptop)
Most Ceiling-mounted Projectors and/or Integrated CBI systems require installation by an approved installer
Guide Prices include VAT, and are only an indication of price (E&OE)

I had a series of Prices at this place on the page. However, as these were from 2010 and prior, I have moved them to a 'legacy' page board-systems---legacy.html ...I will happily post any new prices that may be emailed to me (address below).

Where can we buy a CBI?

Scroll down this page for details of these, other boards and other retailers. Note that there may be other boards and other approved resellers 'out there'. If such companies provide their details, I will try to incude such on this website. It may also be possible that the market will grow to such an extent that I will not be able to maintain all details. It is possible also the linked website addresses on this site may have changed: again, I bear no responsibiltiy for updating all of these and I rely on third parties to inform me of such changes. Drumcondra Education Centre nor its agents does not endorse one commercial product over another.

Be aware that in order to meet Public-Sector Purchasing Guidelines, you should get at least three written quotations for any purchase over Euro 635 (and, in addition, a Tax-Clearance Certificate for any purchase over Euro 6350)

Contacts for IWB Suppliers (by Brand)

N.B. Please note that any prices mentioned here are for guideline purposes only - you must approach a retailer and seek specific pricing for your school/college. Prices vary from time to time, individual resellers can quote very different prices, and this page is only a very 'rule of thumb' guide. I have seen price differences of Euro 600 on the same board, so please shop around, ask the Resellers, and get Quotations...E&OE. Reference to Companies on this site is as an information-servive, rather than a specific endorsement.

Promethean boards

Details of the Promethean Boards are at http://www.prometheanworld.com/en-gb/education/products/interactive-displays

In the Summer of 2009, Westcoast-Clarity, based in Tallaght, took up the distributorship of Promethean, held previously by Prim-Ed. Westcoast, in turn, have been replaced by Computer2000, based in the UK ...so your best option is to work via an authorised Reseller

Westcoast-Clarity provided the following Reseller details to schools ...these contacts may or may not be active!:

  • Ardnas Installations, Celbridge, Co. Kildare. Contact Colin Bulger at 01 627 9333 or 087 2654125 or colin@ardnas-installations.ie
  • AVEC, Little Island, Cork. Contact Terry Corkery at 021 4355192 terry@avec.ie
  • Uptown Computers, 44 The Boulevard, Grange Rath, Droghdea, Co. Meath. 087-2496341 Contact Barry Donn. barry@uptowncomputers.net
  • GDK, Rathfarnham, Dublin. Contact David Watson at 01 2166970 david.watson@gdk.ie
  • Educom, Glasnevin, Dublin. Contact Gary Dempsey at 01 8601995 gary@educom.ie
  • Lyons Communications, Lucan, Dublin. Contact Paddy Lyons or Abgela Lyons at at 01 6852575 alyons@lyonscom.ie
  • Net Commmunications, Enniscorthy, Wexford. Contact Morgan Finucane at 1890 898989 morgan@NetCommunications.ie.
  • Compupac, Sligo. Contact Brian Vickers at 071 9158700 bvickers@compupac.ie
  • About Computers, Co. Waterford. Contact Thomas Martin at 051 382062 tmartin@aboutcomputers.ie
  • Fitzpatrick Computer Group, Mill house, Henry Street, Limerick. 061-493300 Contact: Thomas Pratt. tom.pratt@fbs.ie
  • Cusken Office Equipment, Cusken house, Castletown Road, Droghdea, Co. Louth. Tel: 042-9335440 Contact: Paddy Mc Cusker. Paddy.mccusker@cusken.ie

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SMART Boards

Details of the SMARTboards are at ....http://smarttech.com/smartboard

An official list (as supplied by FusionTech back in 2005) of SMART Board Resellers to Education is as follows:
Dealer, Location, Contact Tel. (and email address where I have a record of this):
  • Aniar Solutions Castlebar, Co. Mayo Sean McGuire 094 9048200
  • CSS Audio Visual Clontarf, Dublin 3 Gerry Clinton 01 8338653, gerry@cssaudiovisual.com
  • Eurotek Sandyford, Dublin 18 Tommy McManus 01 2957811
  • DBX Communications Sligo Noel Burke 071 9122545
  • Premier AV Swords, Co.Dublin. Paul Tarpey 01 8409 977
  • paultarpey@premierav.ie
  • Sligo Graph Sligo Karl Demmel 071 9142044 karl@sligograph.ie
  • Service Solutions Walkinstown, Dublin 12 Denis Cregan 01 4603166 dcregan@servicesolutions.ie
  • Techcom Robinhood, Dublin 22 Malcolm Sandford 01 4566602
  • Shannonside AV Limerick Kevin Donnelly 061 412744
  • Toomey audio visual / digisound av, A3, Baldonnell Business Park, Baldonnell, Dublin 22, 01-4660515, www.toomeyav.ie
  • SecureLAN Systems Letterkenny, Co.Donegal John Byrne 074 9126802
  • First Touch Technologies Kilcloon, Co.Meath Joe Griffin 01 6290174
  • O'Callaghan's TV Cork Ber Hogan 021 4273433
  • Comdex Technology Navan, Co.Meath Joe Halpin 046 9077086
  • Milestone Productions Cavan Bernard Connolly 086 8137276
  • Cantec Limerick Don Cameron 061-313642
  • About Computers Waterford Thomas Martin 051 850045
  • Mercato Ltd., Idaville, Old Blackrock Road, Cork. Contact Alan Leahy 021 2429419, 086 6077957 www.mercato.ie info@mercato.ie
  • Meritec A2 Network Enterprise Park, Kilcoole, Co Wicklow. Ireland. Phone: 01 281 2790 Email: info@meritec.ie http://www.meritec.ie

I have also been provided with details of the following:

  • Kalahari I.T. Solutions Limited. 19 Monroe, Newtown, Nenagh, Tipperary. Telephone: 067 23803 Mobile: 086 387 0560. The Director is Sudhir Magaraj. Visit www.smart4schools.ie

SMARTboards are distributed here by Stelljes Ireland, so a very useful point of contact is their website at www.steljes.ie/vendors/smart ...they can then put a local reseller in contact with you. You can also contact Stelljes at 408Q Greenogue Business Park, Rathcoole, County Dublin. Telephone: +353 1 4016648. Fax: +353 1 4105032. E-mail: info@steljes.ie (as of Oct. 2014). It may be the case that some of the companies that I have listed above are no longer resellers of SMART

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Hitachi Starboard

FusionTech are the Distributors of the Hitachi Starboard range. See their site at http://www.interactiveclassroomsolutions.ie/products/interactive-front-projection-whiteboards/

Fusion Technologies Ltd, Unit 15 Primeside Park, Northwest Business Park, Ballycoolin, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15 | Tel: (01) 861 2055 | Fax: (01) 861 2054, Email: info@interactiveclassroomsolutions.ie

For details of the board, visit http://www.fusiontech.ie/catalog/index.php?cPath=139

The Cambridge-Hitachi Board may also be purchased via

  • Uptown Computers, Drogheda. Contact Barry Donn, sales@uptowncomputers.net, 087 2496341
  • Meritec A2 Network Enterprise Park, Kilcoole, Co Wicklow. Ireland. Phone: 01 281 2790 Email: info@meritec.ie http://www.meritec.ie
  • Paul Tarpey, Premier AV Ltd, Mob:086-8060770, Tel: 01-8409977, Fax:01-8409297, www.premierav.ie
  • John Gillis, http://www.techcom.ie/, tel 01 456 6602, email info@techcom.ie

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TouchIT Board

Details of the TouchIT board can be found at www.touchittechnologies.com

The TouchIT board uses infra-red beams down and across the board so does not need a pen, your finger will do. Further, the board surface reverts back to a white board for use with dry marker pens when turned off. The board comes bundled with Easiteach software and Draw.exe software

TouchIT Technologies now offer HID technology (Human Input Device) that does not require a driver. "Windows, Linux and MAC all recognise HIDs so it makes the implementation of [the] hardware on these platforms a lot more straight forward. The HID TouchIT Board represents a total redesign of the electronic hardware. Performance has been improved, tracking is faster, connection time to the server has been reduced which improves the user experience of the product."

Watch TouchIT on You Tube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ybbm8ZJpJb0

Manufacturers warranties are four years for the TouchIT and three years on their projectors.

TouchIt comes with the WizTeach IWB software (according to the YouTube clip above!) www.resources4learning.ie, Tel: 061398747

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3M '578' Digital Boards

For more about the Board, read www.3m.com

3M implements eBeam technology: for more about eBeam (which can also be purchased as a stand-alone software product), read http://www.e-beam.com/products/projection.html

The 3M Boards and Projectors are available from:

  • CSS: Contact Gerry Clinton or Niall Bourke, www.cssaudiovisual.com, C.S.S Audio Visual, Mt Prospect House, Clontarf Rd, Dublin 3. Tel: +353 (1) 8338653, Fax: +353 (1) 8331493
  • DCB: Contact Kevin Ryan, DCB Group, Unit 5, The Mill, The Maltings, Bray, Co Wicklow. Ph. 01 276 9000, Fax. 01 276 9090.

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GTCO - eInstruction - Mobi boards

The original GTCO used InterWrite Software. GTCO has been superceded by eInstruction, who now do their own (including Mobi) boards.

Details of the board at http://www.imex.ie/iwb/ ...The original GTCVO InterWrite software (with free trial download) is still at http://www.gtcocalcomp.com/interwritesoftware_schools.htm ...while the newer eInstruction boards use Workspace software (information about which is at http://www.einstruction.com.../workspace

Contact Details for IMEX: IMEX Instruments Ltd, Castlecourt, Castlebellingham, County Louth. Tel: 042 9372300 and 9372282, Fax: 042 9372732, Email: sales@imex.ie, FreePhone: 1 800 420465

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I briefly saw this ITL Touchscreen board (from Interactive Technologies) at the 2007 CESI Conference. Read about the board at http://www.photonote.co.za/site/ProdCat.asp?viewcat=16395&catalog=16395 (based in South Africa).

The board comes with Interact software (http://www.photonote.co.za/site/ProdCat.asp?productview=8677&catalog=16395)

For more details, contact

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USB/Serial Interactive Digital White Board (also bears the logo “abc Digital Whiteboard”)

Picture and description of the board were at http://www.chen-source.com.tw/products/products_detail_mult.asp?id=iDW7800

I am not sure of the current status of this board

The board is/was available from: Daniel Gallagher, M.R.P. Electronic, 25 Frankfort Avenue, Rathgar, Dublin 6. Website was http://www.mrpltd.ie. Email was mrp1ltd@eircom.net. 087 246 7539 mobile

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(2013) Details of the ENO and TS boards at ...http://www.polyvision.com/solutions/interactive-whiteboards.

Calibration is done automatically via a press of the Board's remote control (RC). The RC also functions as a Mouse and Virtual Pen. Using a PolyKey means you don't have to pre-load software. The new "eno" board is dry-erase, interactive and magnetic!

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The board is described as "the world's largest touchscreen" (with a 77 inch diagonal). It is sometimes supplied with "Easiteach" software; otherwise it comes with its own 'TeamBoard Draw' software (a 98-page user guide to the latter can be accessed at http://www.erlas.hu/brochures/User_Guide.pdf)

The Teamboard can also be used as a dry-erase board. It is available with standard or short-throw projectors, with or without audio subject to customer requirements

For details of the board, visit http://www.teamboard.com/products/interactive-whiteboards.html

TeamBoard carries the 'Becta Approved' logo.

According to its Canadian manufacturers, the exclusive distributors in Ireland are Sight and Sound

Contact Details are David Johnston, Sight & Sound (Distributors) Ltd., 24 Spruce Avenue, Stillorgan Industrial Park, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin. Tel. 01-2953020, djohnston@sightandsound.ie, web http://www.sightandsound.ie/

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RM Classboard

According to their own website http://www.rm.com/shops/rmshop/Product.aspx?cref=PD9162&srcurl=wbds, the Classboard has been discontinued

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Sahara Clever

Details of the Sahara CleverBoard - up to 105 inch diagonal - are available at http://www.sahara-products.com/index.php?do=siteShowProduct&id=894&parent=126

Sahara also produce an 80-inch diagonal CleverTouch board - details at http://www.sahara-products.com/index.php?do=siteShowProduct&id=888&parent=125

Sahara boards uses Lynx software ...see http://www.cleverlynx.com/ ...this has a 'campus license' (one board, multiple users) - 30-day trial available

Available from ...

  • Cusken Limited Cusken House 89-92 Castletown Road Dundalk County Louth Ireland Contact: Neil Waters Tel: 00353 4293 35440 Email: neil.waters@cusken.ie
  • Scientific and Chemical Supplies Ltd Unit 14-15, Barryscourt Business Park Carringtwohill Co. Cork Contact: Mark O Hagan Tel: 021 488 2388 Email: john.molloy@scichem.com
  • Shaw Scientific Greenhills Industrial Estate Walkinstown Dublin 12 Ireland Contact: Lorraine Doyle Tel: 00353 01 450 4077 Email: lorraine@shawscientific.com
  • Sligo Supply Centre Ltd 6 Grattan Street Sligo Co Sligo Ireland Contact: Colin Diamond Tel: 00353 7191 45257 Fax: 00353 7191 43246 Email: colin@sligosuppplycentre.ie

Contact details taken from http://www.saharaplc.com/download.php?file=library/product/151560001262616039.pdf

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The IQboard offers a touch-based, dry-wipe solution. It comes with an installed short-throw projector as well as its own comprehensive software package.

Details of the board are available at www.iqboard.ie.

It is distributed by MediaScene, a company which has had long connections with the ICT sector in Irish schools.

MediaScene also distribute the MiTouch LCD - no projector needed - see http://www.mediascene.ie/products/interactive-systems/mitouch-lcd-multi-touchscreen/

The IQBoard and MiTouch (among others) are distributed in Ireland by

  • Media Scene Technology 7 Ardagh Park Road, Blackrock, Co. Dublin. Telephone: 01-2755800 Mobile: 087-2576094 Fax: 01-2828302 sales@mediascene.ie

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Details of this touch-board at http://www.traceboard.com/.

An Irish reseller of the Traceboard is Lennox Lab Supplies ...see www.labsupplies.ie ...with specific details relating to their Traceboard offering to schools available at http://www.labsupplies.ie/images/traceboard_2.pdf ...although their webpage at http://www.labsupplies.ie/scp/Audio_Visual_and_ICT/Interactive_Whiteboard.html lists Hitachi Starboard instead!

Lennox have alsp put in place a site to support the platform at www.traceboard.ie

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This is a Portugese product, distibuted here by a company in Cork (where, I understand, there are now significant numbers). Seeing it at Bett2009, the Amigo software looked good, not disimilar to SMART nor Mimio. Read more at www.clasus.com

The contact information is via www.screenflexireland.ie/ ...where I note that they are now Promethean resellers (so perhaps no longer dealing in Clasus?)

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The Tesco Catalogue (with those Tokens?) http://www.tesco.ie/schools/pdf/TescoCFS2006WholeClass.pdf has links to a number of CBI-related items, such as

  • e-Beam interactive whiteboard system
  • RM ClassBoard
  • RM ClassPad™ Light
  • SVGA data projector
  • Gyration Compact Suite wireless mouse and keyboard set
  • Qwizdom IR voting system

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For a DIY approach, you need:

  • an Infra Red (IR) pen ...this you can make up yourself (Inver NS in Mayo have their guide at http://www.remotewiimote.blogspot.ie/) or purchase for around Euro 10 from (for example) http://www.irpens.co.uk
  • a WIImote from your Nintendo system ...or purchase from (for example) Argos for Euro 39.99 (see http://www.argos.ie)
  • a Data Projector (from as little as Euro 319 from for example www.komplett.ie) to show onto a screen such as a smooth wall or ordinary whiteboard (or from behind and onto perspex or a tight cotton sheet) ...or instead of a Projector you may wish to make your own touch monitor by pointing the IR Pen onto a computer screen (such as an older VGA type) but be careful in case the IR Pen scratches the surface
  • a Bluetooth connection from your computer (either built-in or purchased as an external USB dongle)
  • software (always check downloads with your AV software before you Run!:
    • BlueSoleil was originally suggested by Johnny Lee. It is available to download from http://www.bluesoleil.com ...this is used to manage Bluetooth connections. Note that the free version has a data transfer limit.
    • Johnny Lee's 'calibration' software http://johnnylee.net/projects/wii/ ...another option is Smoothboard from http://www.smoothboard.net. This latter offers more calibration functionality (which can be more confusing for beginners!)
    • The above will suffice if you only wish to operate existing programs (Solitaire, Paint etc.). If you wish to 'author' your own whiteboard files you will need commercial software such as Easiteach or Lynx ...or KindleLab (Open Source) from http://kindlelab.com

I have shared a document (pdf) to show how to get the Bluetooth connection to the Wii up and running ...WiimoteSetupDK.pdf

I have a short video showing the Wiimote in action ...CBIwiimote377.wmv (3.39 MB file)

My thanks to Enda Donlon (Mater Dei) and John Maloca (NUIM) for their advice on this item

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Portable Solutions are also available to attach to an existing Dry-Wipe Whiteboard (eBeam and Mimio), or which work work on any surface (Onfintiy).


eBeam is a unit which attaches by sucker or magnet or velcro to an existing (dry-erase) whiteboard.

Manufacturers warranties are three years on the eBeam and three years on their projectors.

Details of the unit are at ...http://www.e-beam.com/products/projection.html

Resources4Learning were the only Irish reseller listed on the e-beam website http://www.luidia.com/cgi-bin/dealers.cgi?region=Europe ...however, the equivalent site at http://www.e-beam.com/purchase/find-a-reseller/international/ireland.html indicates a Distributor in the UK

John Hughes, Resources4Learning, Ballycullen, Askeaton, Co. Limerick. Email: john@..., www.resources4learning.ie, Tel: 061398747

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Mimio Teach

Details of the board at ...http://www.mimio.com/products/index.php.

From 2012 on, the Distributors of Mimio are Osmosis Ireland Limited www.osmosis.ie", Unit 1B, Damastown Way, Damastown, Dublin 15 ...Liam Sheehan, Audio Visual Retail Sales Manager, av@osmosis.ie

Possible Resellers are:

GDK Network Systems Ltd, Unit E2 Nutgrove Office Park, Nutgrove Avenue, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14. visit www.gdk.ie

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The ONfinity CM2 solution works by calibratiing itself to the light-projected image. The working surface can be a whiteboard, a blackboard or a stone wall (it can also work with a Plasma screen via the 'video out' of the PC). The unit sits on or beside the Projector, rather than being attached to the Board.

Supplied with their own FreeClass software, as well as WizTeach

For details of the board visit http://www.onfinity.com/Products_Show_02.asp

ONfinity also produce the FB121 which is essentially a wireless graphics pad ...for details visit http://www.onfinity.com/Products_Show_02.asp. A guide price for the board is Euro 495 including VAT and Delivery.

The onfinity.com website lists its Irish agent as Sligo Graph Ltd,, Unit 8a, Dublin Road Business Park, Carraroe, Sligo. Tel: +353(0)71 9153810, Fax: +353 (0) 71 9153819. Web http://www.sgeducation.ie

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Neither Drumcondra Education Centre nor its agents promote one brand and/or company over another. The information gathered on this site is provided as a service to our schools. Issues of prices, specifications, warrenties etc. are a matter for the individual companies. Schools should not rely on the information provided on this site, but should confirm these details with the relevant companies. There may be other brands and/or companies who provide similar solutions to those listed above - it is not the intention of this site to exclude those companies. E&OE

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