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CBI Interactive Whiteboard Project - DEC, ICS, CESI

(In case you arrive at this page via an Internet Search, click here to get to the CBI Project Homepage)

Cambridge-Hitachi 'Starboard' resources:

You will need to have Starboard software on your computer to view these (although we also provide PDF versions of some of the files below You can download the latest Starboard software from (you will need the Serial Number of your board) ...there used to be a link to a freeware Starboard Viewer but this seems to have disappeared :-(

Note that Starboard software (version 9.3) will also open

  • 'Common File Format' (.iwb) files visit our page at cff_-_ireland.html
  • well as
    • Microsoft Powerpoint (.ppt and .pptx) ...runs as a separate 'topic'
    • Microsoft Excel (.xls and .xlsx) ...for annotation
    • Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx) ...for annotation
    • Adobe .pdf ...for annotation
    • well as a range of image and video types ...for annotation/capture
    • ...but these latter are not the focus of this CBI Project site
    • Version 9.6 om Mac seems to have lost the Twain/Camera insert option; nor will it Open nor Save .iwb files; Office files are not listed in the Open menu (where they would have appeared as 'Topics' on Win 9.3) but it is possible these can be Printed to a Starboard driver?
    • New features in 9.6 include Page Turn Transitions; Object Animations; Convert Handwriting to Equation;Curtain.

Here are our Starboard 'yar' files... Primary and Post-Primary


  • DathannaDK.JPG Gaeilge: DathannaDK.yar exercise (i nGaeilge) to learn the names of colours. (391 KB) can also view a version of the file in your Browser by clicking DathannaHTML.html (the file will open in a separate Window)
  • Na_hAinmhithe.JPG Gaeilge: Na hAinmhiteDK.yar ...learning and sorting animal names (uses matching, erase and reveal, magic box, sound attachments etc) (1194 KB)
  • B2headlinerDK.JPG Literacy: B2headlinerDK.yar ...a grid for your junior handwriting classes (7 KB)
  • AdjectivesDK.JPG Literacy: AdjectivesDK.yar exercise in Adjectives (Comparative, Superlative) (480 KB)
  • CollectivesDK.JPG Literacy: CollectiveNounsDK.yar ...the language of Gaggles, Flocks etc. (1500 KB)
  • PrefixSuffixDK.JPG Literacy: PrefixSuffixDK.yar ...learn to recoginise new words created with Prefixes and Suffixes. (330 KB)
  • PrefixSuffixStoryDK.JPG Literacy: PrefixSuffixStoryDK.yar ...a story that illustrates the use of Prefixes and Suffixes. (40 KB)
  • SynonymAntonymDK.JPG Literacy: SynonymAntonymDK.yar exercise in recognising Synonyms and Antonyms(90 KB)
  • MathsAppsDK.JPG Numeracy: MathsAppsDK.yar intro to the Maths applications in Starboard (include "3 angles of a triangle") (189 KB)
  • PercentagesDK.JPG Numeracy: PercentagesDK.yar ...for Fifth Class, introduction to Percentages (40 KB)
  • MagicSquareDK.JPG Numeracy: MagicSquareDK.yar ...for Sixth Class or First Year: an activity (based on a formula in a spreadsheet) (22 KB)
  • FoodPyramidDK.JPG SESE/SPHE: FoodPyramidDK.yar ...SESE activity (396 KB)
  • Ireland_DK.JPG SESE Geography: IrelandMountainsRiversDK.yar ...a drawn map showing rivers, lakes and mountains ...for you and your srudents to label (61 KB)
  • CapitalCitiesDK.JPG SESE Geography: Capital Cities: Practice and Learn the Capital Cities of Europe. A simple .yar file using Drag and Drop, Matching, Hyperlinks and 'Magic Box'. CapitalCitiesDK.yar (87 Kb) can also view a version of the file in your Browser by clicking CapitalCities.html (the file will open in a separate Window)

  • Chess.JPG Chess: ChessDK.yar (9.6 MB file) for Senior Primary or Junior Post-Primary introduction to the classic game
  • MultiChoiceDK.JPG Multiple-Choice: MultiChoiceDK.yar (429 KB file) ...this is a 10-Question Template that you can use any level/subject


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