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Where are CBIs being used around the world?

This information is being collated. If you have specific data, please email whiteboardsAGcesiDOTie (replace AG with @ and DOT with .)

In the UK:

A two-year pilot (2002-04) is under way to identify and disseminate leading practice in the use of electronic whiteboards in teaching and raising of standards of literacy and mathematics in primary schools.
The Interactive Whiteboard Pilot is now in its second year and is running in six LEAs (with approximately 15 schools in each LEA taking part) and 30 associate LEAs focusing on Years 5 and 6. The pilot has been extended to five additional LEAs in 2003/04, targeting Years 2 and 3, to enhance curriculum continuity and encourage liaison between Key Stage 1 and
Key Stage 2. From April 2004, a National Whiteboard Network is being established to support all LEAs that wish to participate in providing dedicated support to schools on making best use of interactive whiteboards

The Schools Interactive Whiteboard Expansion (SWE) project is an expansion of the primary pilots .... Speaking at the London Education Show (Olympia, September 2003), Stephen Twigg, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Schools, announced a £25 million interactive whiteboard project which will help revolutionise teaching and learning, and raise standards.

The above information is taken from http://publications.teachernet.gov.uk/eOrderingDownload/15090.pdf

The London Challenge provided £15 million capital funding in 2004 to enable every London secondary school to equip every classroom in at least one core subject with an interactive whiteboard.

An evaluation of the impact IWBs have in schools will take place from autumn 2004. Accompanying this, London's 19 City Learning Centres are working together to offer pedagogical training using interactive whiteboards for all core subject teachers in London. See a list of courses available in your area.

The above information is taken from http://www.teachernet.gov.uk/wholeschool/london/teachersandleaders/teachingandlearning/ICT/

In September 2003, the London Challenge announced £15 million funding for introducing interactive whiteboards into London's secondary schools. Most schools have now received whiteboards and are starting to use them to support teaching and learning, particularly in the core departments of English, Science and Mathematics.

From autumn 2004, the Institute of Education will be conducting an evaluation of the impact this is having in schools.

Commissioned by the DfES, the evaluation will involve brief surveys, the collection of administrative data and undertaking nine school-based case studies. It will focus on how interactive whiteboards are being used to support teaching and learning and inform the future development of the use of whiteboards in classrooms.
The final report will be completed in early 2006, but emerging findings will be reported back to schools to help them make best use of the equipment already in place.

The above information is taken from


London Learning Through ICT – Action Plan
The London Challenge was launched in May 2003, setting out a strategy to establish London as a world leader in education and learning. A key part of this vision is the integration of ICT into teaching practice. Effective use of ICT can have a profound influence on students’ learning, improving levels of attention and motivation even for those students who find learning difficult.
The above paragraph is taken from http://publications.teachernet.gov.uk/default.aspx?PageFunction=productdetails&PageMode=publications&ProductId=DFES+0906+2004&

This short document sets out the government’s targets for the development of ICT in London’s schools, making a commitment to inspire change at five levels: students, teachers, leaders, schools and LEAs. For each level, the document gives a summary of the progress so far and outlines the next phase of activity – including improvements in the provision of equipment, new training schemes and other initiatives. The document ends with a timetable for progress over the coming years.
The Download link to the pdf is: http://publications.teachernet.gov.uk/eOrderingDownload/DFES-0906-2004.pdf

Mexico has announced a scheme (as part of its Enciclocmedia project) to put a board into all schools (that's over 100,000 boards!)

...read more at http://www.ilce.edu.mx/sunrise/es/plataformas-tecnologicas/proyectos/enciclomedia or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enciclomedia

You wil find IWBs in ...Ukraine, Turkey, Australia, South Africa etc.

According to statistics presented by David O'Grady (Mary Immaculate College) at the Irish Teaching and Learning Festival (CityWest, Dublin, 16th Oct 2010) Ireland in 2009 ranked in Fourth place (after U.K., Denmark and Netherlands ...although I think the US should be in there also!) in terms of Classroom Penetration of IWBs ...having not featured at all in 2008. David's statistics were drawn from 'Analysing the Future of Classroom Display Technology - July 2010' by FutureSource Consulting - see www.futuresource-consulting.com


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