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IWB Classroom Resources Introduction

Classroom Resources

In this section, the Project Teachers and I have created resources (some are generic and some are specific to one brand of Whiteboard); we have also located resources on the internet.

Using the Naviagation Menu on the Left, where the resources are created/located for the Irish curriculum, they are denoted with the extension 'Ireland'; resources which we have found useful from other countries are denoted with the extension "International"

Using the Table Navigation below, all the links bring you to the Irish Classroom Resources

Since the 'official' phase of the Project has now ended (as of 31st August 2008), Drumcondra Education Centre has maintained the website. In a voluntary capacity, I continue to gather and share whiteboard resources. I do appreciate support from teachers ..in that you would contribute your own resources to the site. Please read the section on how to do this: howtocontribute.html

There are hundreds of resources on this site. We have created most resources for SMART and Promethean but we have not neglected the other platforms. Since the start of 2010, the 'Common File Format' (CFF) is supported by a number of IWB suppliers ...this now offers the most useful avenue for cross-platform sharing (although there may be differences in the operability on each system)

Use the Menu Links on the Left to find these resources, or use this table below.

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