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CBI Interactive Whiteboard Project - DEC, ICS, CESI

(In case you arrive at this page via an Internet Search, click here to get to the CBI Project Homepage)

Classroom Resources for use with eBeam: As part of our CBI Project, the teachers and I have created a number of files which will run with eBeam. My thanks to the teachers who have shared these resources: these are for classroom, non-commercial use; please respect their copyright. A resource can take two hours to produce: if you use more than one of these resources, I insist(!) that you create and share your own resource: please email these to davidk@ict4schools.ie

Note that you must have eBeam software installed on your computer in order to read these files: in some cases we have also saved an html version of the file which will open in your Browser (opens in a new window; you will have to 'allow blocked content' and you will also be asked to download the SVGviewer for your first html file)

eBeam uses two proprietary, vector-based formats. eBeam Software uses .WBD format, and eBeam Interact uses .ESB format. eBeam Interact can read and write .WBD for backward compatibility.

  • headliner.JPG English (.esb): 'Headliner' is a one-page Interact file which provides the standard 'B2' writing background for writing beginners. Follow this link HeadlinerDK.ESB (49 KB)
  • Hangman.JPG English(.wbd): for this 'Hangman' exercise, I have just pasted in an Alphabet, the letters of which you can cross off according as they are guessed, with space to draw the gallows ...click HangmanEbeamDK.ESB 821 KB
  • ReportWriting.JPG English(.wbd): Report Writing for Third/Fourth Class, based on First Steps ..click ReportWritingDK.ESB 1683 KB
  • Synonym.JPG English(.wbd): Synonyms and Antonyms for Third/Fourth Class ..click SynonymAntonymDK.ESB 121 KB
  • counting.JPG Ag Comhaireamh Daoine (.esb): an Interact file which illustrates an teaching and learning approach to the task of counting people 'as Gaeilge'. Follow this link CountingPeopleGaeilgeDK.ESB ...please note that this is a 19MB file
  • Opposites.JPG Contrarachtaí (.esb): an Interact file which can be used in the teaching and learning of Opposites (as Gaeilge). Follow this link GaeilgeOppositesDK.ESB (4 Mb)
  • An_tAm.JPG Dathannna (.esb): Gaeilge - teach and learn your colours DathannaDK.ESB (359 KB)
  • dathanna.JPG Time (ám) (.esb): a support for teaching and learning 'Time' (in Gaeilge). Follow this link TimeGaeilgeDK.ESB (660 KB)
  • FruitAndVegetable.JPG Glasraí agus Torthaí (.wbd): a scrapbook with Text boxes and Images which can be used to sort the Fruit from the Vegetables ...click FruitAndVegEbeamDK.ESB NB this is a 30 MB file
  • ClockFaces.JPG Maths - Clock Faces (.esb): a file which introduces the Faces of the Analogue Clock ...click clock faces.ESB 31 KB
  • HundredSquare.JPG Maths - 100 Square (.esb): Maths, Number, Second Class ...a Scrapbook on which you can annotate and highlight, for example, multiples ...click HundredSquareDK.ESB - 785 KB
  • EuroShopping.JPG Maths - Shopping (.esb): an Interact file which provides a base for simple shopping (using Euro coins) exercise. Follow this link EuroShoppingDK.ESB (3.7 Mb)
  • Equation.JPG Maths - Algebra/Arithmetic (.wbd): The example is for Sixth Class but the method can be used at any level in any Subject. This particular scrapbook shows how the 'Play Control' can be used to deal with those "Can you do that again, Sir?" questions! ...click SumEbeam.WBD 7 KB
  • IrelandMountains.JPG SESE Geography (.wbd): a scrapbook of Ireland's mountains, rivers and lakes ...for you to annotate ...click IrelandMtsRiversEbeam.WBD 90 KB
  • EuropeMap.JPG SESE Geography (.wbd): Human Environments for Sixth Class; teach and learn the location of countries in Europe (generally Western) EuropeWesternCountriesDK.ESB (450 KB)
  • Bridges.JPG SESE Geography - Bridges (.esb): for Sixth Class,a file which illustrates a number of famous bridges and their structures ...click bridge project.ESB 926 KB
  • PostIts.JPG

    History - Invaders (.wbd): This is just a sample of text wherein I have used 'Post It' notes. The method in this file can be used in any Subject with any Class ...click ClozeEbeam.WBD 23 KB

  • ColourIn.JPG

    Visual Arts - Colour In (.wbd): a scrapbook with pictures which you can paint, using the four colour pens or highlighter ...click ColourInEbeam.WBD 118 KB

  • Friction.JPG

    Friction: In a Leaving Cert. Applied Maths lesson on "Friction" the eBeam proved convenient. The file called "Friction1" Friction1.ESB (31 KB) corresponds to the prepared lesson that was opened for use at start of lesson and each slide summoned to the screen in turn and worked on (added to) in typical interactive manner. The file "Friction2" Friction2.ESB (69 KB) corresponds to how matters stood at the end of the lesson. A selection of slides from "Friction2" were printed as a handout to reinforce the lesson for students.


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