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Epson Interactive

With the release of Epson Easy Interactive Tools (EIT) Version 3.05, Epson users can now save their IWB work in .eit format which will allow for re-editing of the work. Previously, Epson 1.0 users could only save in .pdf format (this format is retained in 3.05)

Visit ...this page will auto-detect your OS and provide the option to download the EIT software (then look for the cryptically named 'epson16192.exe' in your Downloads!)

Version 3.05 is not yet a fully-fledged IWB offering, in that its workspace lacks hyperlinking and Locking of objects ...but everything else it does very well - and it's free :-) It is a very useful accompaniment to the Epson Brightlink Projector range

EIT does not (yet) import .iwb format files (nor Smart, Promethean etc.) so you will have to create your own files ab initio in the .eit format. However, we hope this site will help to get you started. Also note that SMART software can be purchased from, e.g., Toomeys AV, should you wish to stay within that software environment.

I have created a short User Manual: UsingTheEpsonEITsoftwareVersion3.pdf ...and an even shorter two-page version UsingTheEpsonEITsoftwareVersion3_2page.pdf - this latter you might choose to Print in order to display beside the Board. I have also located a full 165-page user manual available to download from UsersGuide Denmark Series.pdf

I have found that EIT files do not easliy transfer from one screen resoultion to another: if it happens that content is not visible, there is no option to change the View/Zoom in order to access it. This site, therefore, presents files created for a resolution of 1024x768

  • HeaneyMidTerm Seamus Heaney's poem Mid-term Break HeaneyMidTermBreak_S0001.eit ...this EIT file illustrates a range of IWB Activities with suggestions for Presentation and Assessment. 291 KB file

  • Oxbow The formation of an Oxbow Lake OxbowLakeDK0001S0001.eit ...a series of Drawings (so easy to do on the IWB!). A quick progression through the pages can be used as a 'flickbook animation'. 399 KB file

  • Axes Just a one-page file for Maths GridAxesDK0001S.eit ...The Grid iteslf is provided within EIT as a Background; I have added in a pair of marked Axes as a starter for Co-ordinate activties. 1 KB file

  • Trigonometry Another Maths file Trig3Dproblem0001S.eit illustrate how a Visualiser does, indeed, integrate with EIT software. This happens to be a LC Higher Level question taken from a Textbook: the solution is left to the user! 1 MB file (large image quality via Lumens visualiser!)

  • Circulation Biology CirculatorySystem_S0001.eit ...Circulatory System: Arteries, Veins - with a drawn diagram of the Heart to be labelled ('drag and drop'). 478 KB file

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