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How To Contribute to the CBI Project

Classroom Resources

(In case you arrive at this page via an Internet Search, click to get to the CBI Project Homepage)

Would you like to contribute whiteboard resources for sharing with other teachers? We offer in excess of 200 whiteboard files on this site, but we would like to see this number grow. If you have downloaded and/or used files from this site, it would be great if you would contribute even a small number of files of your own.

On the first 'slide' please tell us what the file is about...

  • Title
  • Author
  • Where the file fits in the curriculum (e.g Class, Subject, Strand etc.)

On the last slide, please have a statement along the lines of ....

  • (c) Patrick Murphy, 2008
  • This resource may be freely used in a not-for-profit classroom, provided the source is acknowledged
  • Please send your own whiteboard files to
  • This and other whiteboard files are available on
  • Optional: this resource was created during a CPD course supported by (relevant Body/Centre/Organisation/Company and possibly Logo/Link for that Body)

During the file itself, if you have used material from other websites please check on these websites that you have permission to use and/or distribute the material (unless you read otherwise, assume that you may may not distribute). It is always safer to use clip-art, for example, from the whiteboard software's own gallery. If you have accessed other websites - and perhaps 'grabbed' screen-shots from them, it would be useful (and ethical) to include the URLs (and links) and the date of access

Please email your resources to ...and tell us the name of the software you have used

Here are some examples - in PDF format - of what IWB file content might look like:

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