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CBI Interactive Whiteboard Project - DEC, ICS, CESI

(In case you arrive at this page via an Internet Search, click here to get to the CBI Project Homepage)

Classroom Resources for use with InterWrite IWB software: These resources are for classroom, non-commercial use; please respect the teachers' copyright. A resource can take two hours to produce: if you use more than one of these resources, I insist(!) that you create and share your own resource: please email these to

Note that you must have InterWrite software installed on your computer in order to read these files. Interwrite is now part of Einstruction (which, in turn, is part of Turning Technologies); the software is available to download from ...scroll down to Extension Products - Workspace; click to download (569 MB for Windows) having firstly filled in the Registration Form that will appear. The Trial Version of the software can be used for up to 45 days. The Gallery for the software contains (in Version 9.2) 3843 items, the database for whcih must be 'built' on the first run of the program. There is an extensive set of Flash activities available in the Gallery as ''Interwrite Sims' ...these are also available online at ...these will work just as desktop applications also

Here are (mostly my own) sample files for you to freely use in your classroom:

'Classroom Response Solutions' shares some 700 files at can download the whole (.zip) sets or just individual files

If you want to learn how to use InterWrite, you can download a User Guide from

...or you may wish to access these Video Tutorials, from 2007 (which I re-accessed 23-8-2014)

Note that there are free Apps available to allow you to connect to your Interwrite board: look for 'Workspace Connect' on



...not forgetting the Mobi pad itself, of course

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