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Drumcondra Interactive Whiteboard Project: IQBoard

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Resources for the IQBoard:

Please support this voluntary project by sharing your own files with us: see our page at howtocontribute.html for details

You will need to have IQBoard software on your computer to view these

Note that IQBoard software will also open

  • Microsoft Powerpoint (.ppt and .pptx) ...content as individual 'objects'
  • Microsoft Excel (.xls and .xlsx) ...for annotation
  • Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx) ...for annotation
  • Adobe .pdf ...for annotation

...but these are not the focus of this CBI Project site

Read a manual for IQBoard Software version 5.0 at IQBoard Software V5.0.pdf (4 MB) ...and here is a short PDF listing the funtion of each of the Icons IQBoardIconsDK.pdf (314 KB)

Here are our IQBoard .cdf files for Primary (scroll further down for Post-Primary)

  • Christmas.JPG Special Occasions: Christmas - a collection of clipart images inside an IQBoard file ChristmasScenesDK.cdf (4 MB)

  • B2headliner.JPG English: a B2 Headliner ruled Red and Blue, this is a Template to use with Early Writers B2headlinerDK.cdf (257 KB)

  • SunilTiger.JPG English: 'Sunil the Stripy Tiger' Story with additional activities Story_SunilTigerDK.cdf (very large 36 MB)

  • Opposites.JPG English: An exercise in Antonyms, using 'Magic Box' trick OppositesDK.cdf (4 MB)

  • DathannaDK.JPG Gaeilge : Dathanna - a lesson in learning Names of Colours (As Gaeilge) DathannaDK.cdf (large file, 18 MB)

  • SuasAnuasDK.JPG Gaeilge: learning the suas/sios directions SuasAnuasDK.cdf (large file, 7 MB)

  • AnFeirm.JPG Gaeilge : For First/Second Class. An Feirm. This file uses the 'Layers Perspective' Tool AnFeirm_CeardAtaAnnDK.cdf (large file, 12 MB)

  • CorpDK.JPG Gaeilge: T1 - Ag usáid Teanga, Third and Fourth Class: learning the names of parts of the body ("cluas" etc.) CorpDK.cdf (6 MB)

  • fada.JPG Gaeilge: an Bunchéim agus an Breischéim Gaeilge_AnChomparaidDK.cdf (large file, 14 MB)

  • StoryOFFive.JPG Maths: For Infants. The 'Story of Five'. Counting with pictures. Listening, Annotating. StoryOfFiveDK.cdf (8 MB)

  • TellingTime.JPG Maths: First Class, Measure, Time: Clock, a 12-hour analoge clock face, with rotatable hands ClockDK.cdf (15 MB)...there is also an updated, alternative file at TellingTimeDK.cdf (large file, 13 MB)

  • cruthanna.jpg Maths: Third Class, Maths, Shapes and Space: Shapes/Cruthanna: 2D Shapes carry labels 'as Gaeilge' but the important Activites are 'as Béarla'! Shapes/Cruthanna2D_DK.cdf (large file, 11.5 MB)

  • TransportDK.JPG Maths: Fifth Class, Representing and Interpreting Data: statistical charts (Bar and Pie) TransportBarPieChartDK.cdf (large file, 11 MB)

  • PercentagesDK.JPG Maths: Fifth Class, learning Percentages MathsPercentageDK.cdf (7.5 MB)

  • TangramDK.JPG Maths: Fifth Class, Shape and Space, 2D, working with Tangrams TangramDK.cdf (7 MB)

  • Constellations.JPG SESE Geography: Natural Environemnts - Planet Earth: Learning the Star Constellations ConstellationsDK.cdf (9 MB)

  • CountiesOfIrelandDK.JPG SESE Geography: Learning the Counties of Ireland CountiesOfIrelandDK.cdf (5 MB)

  • LocalStudies.JPG SESE History: Local Studies (based around Summerhill, Athlone) LocalStudies.cdf (very large file with images, 43.7 MB)

  • WarmCoolColoursDK.JPG Music: First Class, Music, Listening and Responding to simple (and moveable) notes on a simple Stave MusicalNotesDK.cdf (large file, 10 MB)

  • WarmCoolColoursDK.JPG Visual Arts: Third and Fourth Class, Painting: what are the 'warm' and 'cool' colours WarmCoolColoursDK.cdf (large file, 14 MB)

Post Primary:
  • HuckleberryFinn.JPG English: Junior Cycle: an activity based on the novel for Junior Cycle HuckleberryFinnDK.cdf (8.38 MB)

  • Difference2Squares.JPG Maths-Algebra: Junior Cycle: Factorising the "Difference of Two Square" Difference2SquaresDK.cdf (7 MB)

  • DataCharts.jpg Maths-Presenting Data: Junior Cycle: Ways of Presenting Data (Pie Chart, Bar Chart, Histogram and Line Plots) DataChartsDK.cdf (6.33 MB)

  • tectonics.JPG Geography: an introduction to Plate Tectonics Tectonics_DK.cdf (large file, 18 MB)

  • JeMePresente.JPG French-Communication: Junior Cycle: basic Introduction - phrases and listening JeMePresenteDK.cdf (7.74 MB)

  • TheEye.JPG Junior Science: Biology - a study of the eye TheEye_FromSMART.cdf (large file, 31.3 MB)

  • skeleton.JPG Junior Science: Biology - the Skeleton SkeletonDK.cdf (5 MB)
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