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CBI Interactive Whiteboard Project - DEC, ICS, CESI

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Classroom Resources for use with CleverLynx and SnowFlake: As part of our CBI Project, the teachers and I have created a number of files which will run with CleverLynx or SnowFlake Software. My thanks to the teachers who have shared these resources: these are for classroom, non-commercial use; please respect their copyright. A resource can take two hours to produce: if you use more than one of these resources, I insist(!) that you create and share your own resource: please email these to

Note that you must have CleverLynx software installed on your computer in order to read these files. . The software can be obtained - subject to license - from

Similarly, MultiTeach SnowFlake software can be obtained - subject to license - from

Note that CleverLynx can also open Common File Format (.iwb files) so visit our page at cff---ireland.html

CleverLynx Files


  • Dathanna Dathanna: Second Class. Learning activities based on names of the colours ...DathannaDK.lynx4 (545 KB)

  • An Corp An Corp: Third Class. T1 - Labhairt - Ag úsáid teanga. Teaching and Learning parts of body. AnCorpDK.lynx4 (4662 KB)


  • 100square.png 100 Square: First to Third Classes. Using Counters on the 100 Square for counting groups, even and odds, counting on or back, multiples, LCM etc. 100SquareDK.lynx4 (456 KB)

  • PlaceValue.png Place Value: For Second, Third and Fourth Classes. Number - Place Value. 'Number Card' activities for Teacher and for Students PlaceValueDK.lynx4 (432 KB)

  • Percentages.png Percentages: For Fifth Class. Number - Percentages and Fractions. Activities for Teacher and for Students FifthClassPercentagesDK.lynx4 (8 KB)


  • Easter1916.png Easter 1916: For Fifth and Sixth Classes (and beyond!). Politics, Conflict and Society - 1916 and the foundation of the State. Some text, images, links and activities to assist with this important part of Irish History...Easter1916DK.lynx4 (2,167 KB)


  • IrelandMts.png Ireland Physical: Geography for Third and Fourth Classes. Natural Environments - Ireland's Rivers, Lakes and Mountains RiversLakesIrelandDK.lynx4 (2 MB)

  • CountiesIreland.png Counties of Ireland: For Fifth and Sixth Classes. Human Environments - County, regional and national centres. Study and identify each of the 32 Counties CountiesOfIrelandDK.lynx4 (966 KB)

  • RockTypesIreland.JPG Ireland's Rock Types: Post-Primary: Junior Cycle and Primary: Fifth and Sixth Classes. Human Habitat - The earth's surface and Natural Environments - Rocks RockTypesIrelandDK3.lynx5 (43 MB) N.B. '.lynx5' files are not backwards compatible with Lynx4, so please update your software.

SESE Science

  • Bones.png Skeleton: For Third and Fourth Class(and beyond!). Living Things - Human Life - How people move... HumanLifeDK.lynx4 (2,467 KB)

SnowFlake Files ...the following files can be downloaded, then Imported into SnowFlake MultiTeach (into its Lessons, to then appear under Science/Lessons)

  • AdjectAdverbDK_Words.jpg Adjectives and Adverbs: A 'Words' application, with some adjective and adverbs words. Anagram activity ...AdjectAdverbDK_Words.lsns (2 KB)

  • CountyDk-spinner.jpg Counties: A 'Spinner' application, with names of counties. Example Questions: name the Province that each belongs to; name a Town in the County ...CountyDk-spinner.lsns (2 KB)

  • LaethantaDK-Match.jpg Ainm An Lae: A 'Matching' application: match each Gaeilge Day with its English-language equivalent...LaethantaDK-Match.lsns (2 KB)

Below are some files and notes from the early days of our work, from the days pre-CleverLynx

Lynx at that time came with an application called Wordwall: here is an example of one its files WordwallContrarachtaiDK.wwf ...this is a WordSearch file (5 KB)

I have noted some comments regarding my use of Lynx software at Lynx v eBeam.doc (note that it is a .doc file will need a Word Processor to open it)

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