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Drumcondra Interactive Whiteboard Project

(In case you arrive at this page via an Internet Search, click here to get to the CBI Project Homepage)


Sankore is (the only?) open-source IWB software available

Visit to read about and to follow the Download link. I note that there is even a 'Sankore Planet'.

N.B. The site is in French ...Google's Chrome will give you the option to Translate ...while with Internet Explorer, you can go to and Paste in this URL: ...and then 'View the Translated Page'

As well as its own file format, Sankore will also Import files of type Common File Format (.iwb files) so visit our page at cff-ireland.html ..although in my experiments, Sankore would happily import and display the Text Box content. However, images and drawings were only represented by blank rectangles

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