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CBI Interactive Whiteboard Project - DEC, ICS, CESI

(In case you arrive at this page via an Internet Search, click here to get to the CBI Project Homepage)

This page of the Interactive Whiteboard (CBI) Project provides some resources and ideas you could use with a Learning Support Class, Group or Individual.

Interactive Whiteboards add the dimensions of large-scale (visible to class or group) and computer based (and therefore more engaging for the student). CBIs also allow flexible use of colour (to support dyslexia?) and can incorporate "virtual manipulatives" (thus engaging the Visual and Kinaesthetic learners respectively). Further, because a stylus or finger is used to control the activity in front of the audience, the actions are 'ostensive'.

In addition, CBIs allow resources to be shared: thus the preparation time by any one teacher becomes a resource to be used and reciprocated by the teaching community.

An important consideration is that CBI Resources should be used as prompts/scaffolds for the social learning activity of the Learning Support Classroom: while CBIs provide multimedia authoring skills in a very accessible way, it may not be appropriate to use CBIs as individual/private learning tools (in the same way as the 'computer at the back of the classroom').

A recent variation has been to lay the CBI on a horizontal surface (with the Data Projector) overhead (or to incorporate both as a 'surface' Table with the illumination from underneath) - this is a useful method for a one-to-one or small-group teaching-learning situation

In the following suggestions, use is sometimes made of the particular CBI software while other occasions we use the CBI as touch-sensitive desktop. In those cases where CBI software is used (and your school does not yet have such software), the files can be viewed and interacted with (but not edited) using Reader Software exception is that the trial version of Notebook runs out after 30 days, while its Viewer will continue to function:

Handwriting Recognition: use this feature of the CBI software ...and the students will write right! (yes, that should be an adverb!)

Trace the letter shapes ...the shapes are provided in the resource library of the CBI software (or can be downloaded from third-party sites. Suggestion - use the Jardotty font from

Sorting - "Using Word as a Counter and Sorter" is a document (UsingWord as a Counter Sorter.doc)to open in MS Word or Word Viewer or Star etc., a useful exercise in visual discrimination

Tips for Inclusive Dyslexia-Friendly Practice (at

Website SEN Teacher is an excellent starting point. It has links to downloadable resources (such as Roxie's ABC Fish, Sebran etc.), printable resources, and weblinks by SEN Condition

Website: Primary Resources has lots of resources (non-SEN specific) - many in whiteboard format - across the curriculum ...Maths (position and Direction), for example, is at

Website: make sure you visit the other Classroom Resource pages on this CBI site!

Interactive Teaching Programmes (ITPs) - these were created as part of the UK's National Numeracy Strategy. They are available to download from ....or Most of the resources are available in Flash format, and also in .exe format. I particularly like 'Counting', and 'Fractions' for teaching equivalent fractions.

Website: Phingertip Fonics from (has CVCs, blends, rimes (sic), dolch lists)

Website: Songs and Poems from CanTeach at ...these could be copied and pasted into a CBI application; then used creatively (hide and reveal, erase and reveal, cloze. DnD, audio added)

Website: Seomra Ranga has more resources (mostly in Word format) available from with CanTeach, these could be copied and pasted into a whiteboard application and used more interactively. More recent additions include PowerPoints, Bok Reviews etc.

Website Portal: Scoilnet go to the Teacher's Tab of the Resource Finder ...and check the Box for 'Rpeciual Needs only' in order to filter the Search results

CD Software: Boardworks - available for UK's Primary (KS 1 and 2) and Secondary (KS 3 and 4): Samples available with free registration. Visit their website at

EdTech (Mayo) has a range of SEN Software Tiltes at

Whiteboard-Specific Files:

  • homophones.notebook - this is a SMART Notebook file (it can also be opened with ActivPrimary)

  • cvc.notebook - this is a SMART Notebook file (it can also be opened with ActivPrimary - the sounds, links, animations still work!) ...and here (cvcactivprimary.flp) is the ActivPrimary version of it

  • jollyphonicsreduced.flp (2.5 Mb file, this is an abridged version of the original!) - this is an ActivPrimary file

  • Note: "Jolly Phonics for the Whiteboard" is software available to purchase ...visit ...a sample (37 MB file) can be downloaded

  • coordinatesdk.flp - this is an ActivPrimary file

  • countingandsorting.notebook - this is a SMART Notebook file

  • - this is a Mimio file to support the Boardworks example above

  • - this is a Mimio file to support the learning of Colours as Gaeilge; it is also available as a SMART file (note that in order to get the associated sound files, these exist outside the file: so the sounds and the file itself are also provided as one 'zipped' file here)

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