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IWB website - Special Needs Access

In order to view the contents of this and other websites for users with a Vision Impairment, I have found that Mozilla Firefox offers some useful features. Download Mozilla Firefox 2 from http://www.mozilla.com

In any of the Browsers, using the keys "
Ctrl with +" or "Ctrl with -" you can Increase or Decrease the Text Size.

On your Apple or Android
Tablet, you can 'Pinch to Zoom'

From the View Menu in Mozilla, you can choose "
High Contrast" (which gives you the Text in Yellow on Black) or (also in IE, View, Style) "No Style" (in order to see the Text only) or "Basic Page Style" (to revert to the as-published website).

ALT V Y N is the key combination to bring you to the 'No Style' option ...with ALT V Y D to restore the Style.

Google's Chrome, while having a very clean interface, does not seem to offer these Style/Contrast options by default. Rather, it seems to do so via 'Extensions' ...see
https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/ext/22-accessibility or, on a non-affiliated site, http://google-chrome-browser.com/tags/accessibility

You can also install the "Web Developer tool" from http://chrispederick.com/work/web-developer. When this is latter is installed (as a new Toolbar in Mozilla or Chrome), you have the option to turn off all CSS features: this will give you a Text-Only version of this CBI Project (and other) websites. Other options are also available (e.g. Turn off all Images).

I have tried to use a pale yellow background for the text on this site, following some of the advice at

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