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In case you arrive at this page as a result of an internet search, follow this link to go to the CBI Project homepage:

See also my page on Third-Party Software at third-party_software.html

Importing a PowerPoint (PPT) into SMART Notebook 9.7:

In SMART, use File ...Import ...and Navigate to the particular PPT file

Note that the PPT then opens in the Taskbar - if you click on the PPT you'll see the slides Flicker according as they are being processed

You won't get the animations/effects that were in the original ppt: rather you will get the finished slide in each case

You can then manipulate (e.g. drag and drop) the objects that were in the original ppt

...except Headers and Footers that were in the PPT Master Slide: these will be in the Notebook background - but this can be Unlocked and Manipulated

Importing Text from a third-party application (e.g. Microsoft Word) into ACTIVprimary:

Copy and Paste the text in! (In the source programme - be in a Word Processor, webpage etc. - Select the text, and hit Ctrl+C; open ACTivprimary and click on the Text tool; click on the ACTIVprimary page to start a textbox, and Ctrl+V to paste in the text)

Some suggestions for devolopment of this idea: in normal mode, you can now slide over any of the words or phrases, and then drag them out of the text box. (later attempts to repeat this exercise have failed me!!!!!!)

An alternative is to place the pen over the exact word you wish to extract, then right-click (using the button on the side of the pen) and use the 'deconstruct
' option: this creates a duplicate of the word which you can then drag away from the main text.

Another nice option is that if you single (left) click, you get a Text Toolbar on the T and you can now edit the text ...although sometimes you have to double-click to get this option! ...and I have always found it very difficult to double-click on Promethean (the trick is 'rapid' rather than 'punching the board'!)

You may find it necessary to double-click the text in order for for the Text Toolbar to appear: you can then use the 'Edit Text' option to manually select, delete, copy etc.

Trick: if you drag out the words (and in the process leave a copy of the original), you can then Edit the text and replace those words with spaces or underlines, and you have created a Cloze test
. Then get the students to drop the words onto the correct place: this latter procedure does not drop them inside the text box, but rather on top of (in front of) the text box.

A trick within a trick: to achieve the above, turn off Insert Mode on the keyboard, so that you can instead overwrite the letters of the word with underline characters.

Also note that you can re-size the paragraph of text: drag the handles to make the paragraph narrower or wider and the text flows to refit accordingly.

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