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Drumcondra Interactive Whiteboard Project: Tracebook

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Resources for the TraceBoard:

Please support this voluntary project by sharing your own files with us: see our page at howtocontribute.html for details

You will need to have Tracebook software on your computer to view these

  • Dathanna: a lesson learning Colours (i nGaeilge) DathannaDK.tbk (1495 KB)
  • Writing Support: a 'B2 Headliner' template B2HeadlinerDK.tbk (5 KB)
  • Fractions: a 'Fraction Wall' to learn about equivalent fractions FractionWallDK.tbk (39 KB)
  • Place Value: this file may assist in the teaching/learning of the place value of numerals PlaceValueDK.tbk (51 KB)
  • PeataĆ­: learn the names of Pets (i nGaeilge) PeataiDK.tbk (138 KB)
  • Counties of Ireland Teaching and Learning activities based on the County map of Ireland CountiesIrelandDK.tbk (1383 KB)
  • Analogue Clock: learn about time with clock.tbk (21 KB)
  • Counting: learn 'sets of numbers' with this visual dotstrip9.tbk (8 KB)
  • People Who Help: an SESE activity for learning about the roles of people who help us Peope who help usTbk.tbk (2892 KB)
  • Saint Patrick: Learn some of the phrases (in Irish) associated with our national saint StPatrick.tbk (1599 KB)
  • Copyright this is a Tracebook Template file that you can insert in your own TraceBook files CopyrightDK.tmk (4 KB)
  • TraceBook Commentary: here are some of my musings (in .doc format) regarding the TraceBook software (E&OE) Notes on TraceBook DK.doc (35 KB)
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