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Voting Devices (or Personal Response Systems - PRS) are hand-held units, similar in size to Remote Controls. They can be valuable aids to Formative Assessment. Most systems are stand-alone (i.e. they can be used by the Teacher to capture responses, the results can – at the teacher’s discretion - be broadcast via a Data Projector). Some systems will integrate with Interactive Whiteboard software (in that a shortcut icon will appear in the Whiteboard software).

It could be argued that Voting Devices have replaced the "Lamha Suas" with the "Méara Síos"! (David Kearney, March 2009)

Eight Products that I have come across (presented in random order!) ...and I think we should add in the Virtual Voters also!

As with all commercial products, Drumcondra Education Centre does not endorse any one product, but provides this information only as a service to teachers. Drumcondra Education Centre is not responsible for any errors or omissions. Third-party companies should contact (by email as per address below) with any updates etc.

First Type: Promethean:
Read about it at

Note: Activote is intergrated within ActivInspire software, but it can be used with any interactive whiteboard.
The cost per set of ActiVotes, which consists of 32 individual voting pods, had been €3,449 (incl VAT)

Second Type: Qwizdom
Read about it at http://www.qwizdom.co.uk/
It can be bought via Tesco Tokens!
Qwizdom voting system
(eight users and one teacher)
Get immediate and individual feedback on the depth of your
learners’ understanding with the Qwizdom voting system.
• Involves the whole class.
• Dedicated teacher handset.
• With real-time assessment, dynamic presentation options,
fun learning games and easy authoring tools.
• Supports numeric, sequencing and multiple-choice questions.
• Compatible with Easiteach v3.3.
• Three year return-to-manufacturer warranty.
IBN-154 Qwizdom voting system 25,450 VOUCHERS

Product Update: Please note that as of March 2007 the Qwizdom Q3 Infra-red (IR) kits have been discontinued. You can however, still purchase additional IR handsets for any existing IR kits and the warranty and support will apply as normal.

Third Type: Optivote

Read about it at http://www.optivote.com

The cost for a 32-handset system is £1000 to £2000
Non-board specific, stand-alone product: Optivote is a stand alone voting system which will work alongside any interactive whiteboard or with a projector. The system allows questions to be created in a simple template format, delivered in PowerPoint or online. It can also integrate with Moodle.

Fourth Type: GeneeUs from Interactive Education

Read about it at
St£ 1550 for a 32-pack RF system (Euro 2900????)
Non-board specific, stand-alone product

Fifth type: Senteo from SMART (available 1st June 2007)
Read about it  at http://www2.smarttech.com
Integrated with SMART Notebook software
RF type
The Senteo interactive response system is fully compatible with Microsoft applications. Import questions from Microsoft Word, export answers to Excel spreadsheet software. Senteo also integrates with PowerPoint presentation software.
Senteo is €3200 for 24 handsets; €3950 for 32 handsets.
One contact is

Sixth Type: VerdICT
Sold under the Hitachi brand ...try

Seventh Type: iRespond
http://irespond.com/products/?gclid=CKOM-uLh3rQCFaFF2wodg14AOA ...I haven't see this one in action yet!

Eighth Type: Turning Point
http://www.turningtechnologies.com/" ...works nicely with PowerPoint!

Questions to ask when purchasing:
Does the unit use RF (preferably) rather than IR?
Teacher Unit and Student units?
Connects to Teacher's computer via USB?
PC, MAC, Linux versions?
Tied into Whiteboard software (or Whiteboard type)?
Works as a Stand-alone application (outside of any other software)?
Shortcut within Whiteboard Software?
Price for a Class Set ("32 Pack"), inc VAT and Delivery?
Units need AA batteries?
Can Hide individual student response?
Output to Excel?
Works with MS Office?
Integrated with PowerPoint?
Import to/from MS Office?
Can show Results of Class Response?
Can show 'awaiting response from Student Name'?

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